Location/Item Accessorial | Buy-side to Sell-side Accessorials

An accessorial can be assigned to a rate offering to include any number of contingency charges for special circumstances. Once an accessorial code is created in Power Data (Rates and Codes), you can provide additional attributes using the Rate Manager such as the accessorial charges, effective/expiration dates, regions and lanes, calendars, etc.

During shipment planning, OTM can decide which rate offering is used for the shipments that are created from the order (you can also impose that a specific rate be used on an order if you do not want OTM to determine the least cost rate).

If the rate offering (that is chosen during planning) and the order base have the same assessorial code assignment, then the assessorial charge is applied to the rate. If the order has no assessorial assignment, but the rate that OTM chooses does, the assessorial charge is not applied.

Location and Item Accessorial

Locations and items can also have accessorial assignments in addition to the order base. In this case, OTM evaluates the accessorial assignments for locations first, followed by base order, and then items. If OTM finds a valid accessorial on a location, the charge is applied and OTM ignores subsequent assignments on the order or items. OTM continues through the order mentioned in the same manner.

Accessorial charges that are made based on locations depend on the activity defined on the accessorial and whether the location is assigned as the Source or Destination on the order. For example, you can identify an accessorial as Pickup or Delivery (Activity) on the rate. If the accessorial is Pickup and the location (with the accessorial) is entered as the Source Destination on the order, the charge is made. The same is true for a delivery accessorial and destination location on the order.

Buy to Sell Accessorials

These accessorials are called flow thru accessorials. You can create flow thru accessorials and assign them to buy shipments. The flow thru accessorial is automatically carried over to any resulting sell shipments so that it may be applied to customer bills. You can designate an accessorial as a flow thru accessorial by selecting the Accessorial Code page in Power Data.

The following rules apply to flow thru accessorials: