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General Ledger Codes

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General ledger codes are used to allocate costs on order releases, shipments, and payment invoices. This page is accessed via Financials > General Ledger> General Ledger Codes.

General ledger codes are based on general ledger key components and general ledger lookup keys. General ledger key components define the basic types of information to be coded (for example, packaged items). General ledger lookup keys group and rank the key components. General ledger codes specify the details of the information to be associated with a code (for example, packages of a particular style of size 11 brown shoes).

Once general ledger codes have been created, they can be assigned to shipments, order releases, and order release line items using the Assign General Ledger Code actions in the Shipment Manager and Order Manager.

The assigned codes are used by the order release Allocate Cost action, the shipment Allocate Cost action, the payment invoice Allocate Voucher action, and automation agents to allocate costs.

Header and Details Tabs

The fields in the Header tab are used to assign General Ledger Lookup Keys to the General Ledger Codes depending on if it is for the Buy side or Sell side and for an order or a Shipment. Select the Active check box if this code should be assigned when the Assign General Ledger Codes actions are used in the Shipment Manager or the Order Manager. These keys can be changed until they are defined. After that, they cannot be changed or deleted

The available tabs and fields on the Details tab vary depending on the key components of the general ledger lookup key selected in the Header tab. For example, if the lookup key includes the DESTINATION LOCATION general ledger key component, a Destination Location ID field will appear on the Buy/Order Lookup tab. If a Buy Side Order Key is not entered on the General Ledger Code manager, you will not be able to access this tab. However, it will still be visible.

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