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A voucher is an authorization to pay all or part of the amount due on a payment invoice. Vouchers are typically created when an invoice is approved for payment. The actual payment of a voucher is performed by an accounts receivable system once the voucher has been issued.

You can approve invoices, and thereby create vouchers, in the following ways:

Once vouchers are created, you can issue them using the Send Voucher Interface action for payment invoices or vouchers.

The following fields appear as summary information for the voucher. These fields are populated when the invoice is approved for payment and appear in read-only format. The Voucher page is accessed via Financials > Payment Invoice Management > Voucher.

  1. Voucher ID - The unique identifier of this voucher. It is automatically generated by the Business Number Generator (BNG) when the invoice is approved.

  2. Voucher Number - OTM uses the BNG to generate a voucher number when you send your voucher to an external system.

  3. Invoice ID - The ID of the invoice from which this voucher was created. Click the 'V' button next to the Invoice ID to view the Invoice and all its associated data.

  4. Was Auto Approved - Indicates whether the invoice was automatically approved by a process or agent using the applicable auto approve rules.

  5. Timestamp - Indicates the date when the voucher was created.

  6. Adjustment Reason ID - If applicable, indicates the reason (for example, pricing error) that the total amount due on the invoice was changed to the amount to pay on the voucher. Adjustment reason IDs can be managed in Power Data.

  7. Amount to Pay - Indicates the amount approved for payment by the voucher.

  8. Click Status to display the current voucher status types and status values for this voucher.

Line Items

Line Item cost details from the invoice appear in this section. Like the summary information above, these fields were populated when the invoice was approved and appear in read-only format. They match the data from the Line Item tab in the Invoice Manager.

  1. Description - A description of the line item charge.

  2. Accessorial Code - The accessorial code of the line item charge, if applicable.

  3. Reason Code - The reason the line item charge was applied. Reason codes can be managed in Power Data via Adjustment reason IDs. This only populates if the invoice was approved by line.

  4. Amount to Pay - The amount of this specific line item that was approved for payment by this voucher.

Reference Numbers

Use this section of the page to assign reference numbers to the order.

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