Threshold Definition

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This page is accessed via Business Process Automation > Agents and Milestones > Threshold. Click the Threshold Definition tab.

Use this page to define the threshold attributes.

  1. Choose an object attribute from Column.

  2. Selecting a Date attribute displays a series of prompts to enter a time change (day/minute/hour) from the current value. The threshold is triggered by a change of the current date value to any value greater than the current date/time plus the threshold displacement, or any value less than the current value minus the threshold displacement. The modify event would be raised for any change meeting the following definition (current value - displacement) > new value > (current value + displacement). Date columns do not allow for a percentage change, only a delta.

    For all other attribute types, the following three controls are presented.

Percentage change ignores any unit of measure selected as they will be the same as the underlying value.

is the difference between two values. A delta threshold looks at the difference between the old value and the new value. For example if the old value was 50 and the new value is 40, then the delta is 10.

If you use both a delta and a percentage threshold on the same column, if either threshold fails to be met, the event is called.

    1. If the units of the threshold are different than the original data value's units, then the threshold value and the current data value is converted to a common unit of measure before comparison.

  1. Click save.

  2. After completing a threshold, create a threshold profile for your threshold.

The threshold condition appears as follows:

  1. table_name.column_name=Numeric Value Unit of Measure Threshold Type

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